Hi my name is Trevor Forrester.

  Since 2003 I have experienced both the best and worst that life can bring. I have experienced emotional highs and lows as I sought to struggle through a long and debilitating illness. Having on two occasions had to face the prospect of my own death I have come to realise that the world is not necessarily a great place to live.

Having undergone this experience has caused me to reflect deeply on many of the questions that I have about our life on Earth and the reason for it. Likewise as I look at the world today most of what I see is quite frightening.



During both my illness which included many dark nights of the Soul as well as my convalescence (which is ongoing) I have been looking a lot deeper into some of the philosophical questions regarding life, relationships, society and the world in general.



My purpose in building this website was so that I could look at some of these issues in a deeper more meaningful way and at the same time provide a opportunity for others to share in the struggles I undergo in trying to understand the true meaning of life.