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By Trevor Forrester on 10/5/2021

I have just watched  the closing episode of The Voice Australia where a young lady by the name of Karise Eden has won the title of The Voice Australia. It was a very close competition between four very capable singers: they were Rachel Leahcar, Darren Percival, Sarah DeBono and Karise Eden. From the very start it was obvious that two of these would make it all the way to the final. Both Karise Eden and Rachel Leahcar made such an impression with very strong performances in the auditions and they impressed all four judges with their performances. The other two finalists Darren Percival and Sarah DeBona were not so obvious yet in the end they to were able to overcome all the hurdles along the way.

Even Karise Eden and Rachel Leahcar had to fight their way through the battle rounds to be able to make it to the final round. From week to week each of the performers are faced with new struggles trying to fulfil a dream and act on their coaches wishes. As the series drew to a close most of the performers were struck down with the flu. Yet despite the troubles and tribulations the final four made it all the way through to the grand final. It was here that they had to lay everything on the line in an effort to win the competition. Despite everything each of them reached deep inside themselves to bring out some outstanding performances as they battled with their own inner demons and insecurities.

Why do we struggle so hard and so long for something that is out there, maybe not yet within reach rather something that we can strive for. It is part of the basic make-up of humankind to reach for the unreachable and to try and remove ourselves from our present situation. Many of the world's greatest explorers were prepared to go beyond everything to try and find or do something that has never been done before. The very basic nature of humankind is to improve ourselves and we see it every day in so many ways. It might be a cancer sufferer who takes on the struggle to overcome and defeat the enemy within or it may be a mountain climber who strives to reach the summit of the highest mountain where nobody has been before.

It is only through battling the unbeatable, fighting the unfightable and winning that we define ourselves as individuals. The role of the individual in society cannot be underscored. They are a necessary and vital part of our society for without them we would have none of the modern miracles of medicine that we have today. It is not only in the field of medicine that the individual comes into a close focus for our society but rather without them we would still be in the dark ages and uncivilised. Yet many philosophical trains of thought try to deny the role of the individual rather they say that each of us depending on our station in life must accept that station. For those born to the working class there is nothing else than working for the common good and denying self at the behest of others. Likewise those born to a fortunate position of wealth are expected to learn to think critically and eventually become the leaders in their society.

I put forward that there is room within society for both the individual and collective not putting one in front of the other but rather the two are as important to the whole as the whole is important to the world. If we deny our very basic nature then how can we ever be happy in this life. It is important for us to recognise that some are content to work week after week year after year, have the same job providing for those around them and seeking nothing other than to serve. It is not however less cool for an individual to strike out and strive to reach the summit of whatever mountain they may seek to climb.

I leave this thought with you

Karise Eden
overcoming hurdles
Rachel Leahcar


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